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Buddhits tempels

Buddhits Temple Monastriese In Singapore

Having reached Singapore, if you are wondering where to start off your Buddhist trip from, then here's a clue. Singapore has a number of Buddhist temples and monasteries that are worthvisiting. These temples and monasteries reveal a whole lot of details about the past and present of Buddhism in Singapore.

Amongst these famous Buddhist temples and monasteries are the Kong Meng San Pho Kark See Monastery, Sakya Muni Buddha Gaya Temple, Siong Lim Temple and Thian Hock Keng Temple. 

The first of these, Kong Meng San Pho Kark See Monastery, is one of the largest monastery in Singapore and is also a pretty recent construction. It was built when Venerable Zhuan Dao, the first abbot of the monastery felt that there was a need for a place for monks coming in to Singapore without any accommodation arrangements. He also intended to make the monastery a base to spread dharma in Singapore. His vision, today, is a reality.

The Sakyamuni Buddha Gaya Temple is known for its central image of Buddha which is surrounded by a number of light bulbs. The illumination of these bulb create a unique aura around the image that is worthseeing.

The Siong Lim Temple was built by a Hokkein merchant who persuaded a Hokkein family coming back from a pilgrimage to stay back in Singapore and spread Buddhism in the country.

The Thian Hock Keng Temple was built in honour of the patron goddess of sailors who prayed to her after completing a successful journey from China to Singapore. The temple also has an altar dedicated to the bodhisattva, Kuan Yin, Goddess of Mercy. 

More details about each of these temples is given in this section. Moreover, you can also read about the other Buddhist attractions that you can club together with each of these visit.

So, begin your Buddhist trip with any of these Buddhist temples and monasteries and come back satisfied with the knowledge gained.

Famous Buddhist Temples & Monasteries
  • Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery
  • Sakya Muni Buddha Gaya Temple
  • Siong Lim Temple
  • Thian Hock Keng Temple

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bodhgaya tourism
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bodhgaya tourism
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