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Buddhist Countries

Buddhist Tourism in Japan

With around 84% of the population following a mix of Buddhism and Shinto religion, Japan makes for a wonderful destination for all those of you who are planning a trip revolving around Buddhism. Presence of a number of Buddhist temples and monuments further enhances the attraction of the country for Buddhist tourists like you. 

Introduction to Japan itself is least required, still for the sake of convenience of those who are planning a visit for the first time, let's give you a few basic details about the country. Japan, located in the Eastern Asia, is an island chain between the North Pacific Ocean and East Sea / Sea of Japan. It covers a total area of 377,835 sq km, which when compared with California, is only slightly less. The terrain of the country is mostly rugged and mountainous while the climate varies from tropical in south to cool temperate in north. The country has its capital in Tokyo and is administratively divided into 47 prefectures. 

The section offers you information regarding Japan as a Buddhist destination in much greater details. You will find information on specific town, cities, temples and monasteries where Buddhist influence is apparent in every nook and corner. Ways and means to reach these Buddhist attraction is also given in order to make your trip to them convenient.

Therefore, do have a look at this section before you finalise your next vacation. A Buddhist tourism to Japan is definitely worth all your effort, money and time.

Buddhist Attractions

  • Buddhist Destinations
  • Kyoto
  • Nara
  • Buddhist Temples
  • Ishiyama Honganji
  • Nagashima
  • Hojujiden
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bodhgaya tourism
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